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Not Forgotten is a World War II documentary style best selling novel by Gregory Hall chronicling the liberation rescue of civilians from Japanese POW internment camps.

Japanese Civilian Internment Camp Rescue Depiction, WWII Prison Camp Liberation Chronicle

The author is a 20+ year veteran and Special Agent of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI). He has appeared as a military historian on The History Channel in a documentary of the liberation. For the documentary, he traveled with a film crew, as well as with four of the participants, to the Philippines. During the filming in the Philippines, he visited the sites of the two internment camps, Los Banos and Santo Tomas. Additionally, he had firsthand experience in visiting the locations of the beachhead where the AMTRACs came ashore, the airfield used by the paratroopers who parachuted into the action as well as the vacated prison where the liberated internees were housed.

The author spent numerous years researching the liberation and has personally met many of the participants. He has attended five reunions of the former paratroopers and internees.

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