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Not Forgotten provides a best selling a veterans documentary account of the World War II Japanese prisoner of war camp rescue of civilians held in internment camps.

Book About 11th Airborne Division, Pacific Theater of Operations, Japanese Internment Camp Rescue

Follow the day to day lives of individuals from a variety of backgrounds to include that of banking, military wife, aircraft machinist, mining engineer, mechanic, cook, nurse and others. Witness the dramatic changes in their lives after the Japanese attack Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941. Learn how the victorious Japanese military rounded up Americans, Australians as well as the English and other Europeans living in the Philippines. Experience the hardships of being in a prison under Japanese authority. Observe how hope and the support of another person were absolutely necessary to survive the prison life. With each passing day in captivity, the little things in life would take on new meaning and importance. Life would become void of most material possessions.

A persons entire worldly possessions could fit into a small box. Essentially, the small box would represent the prisoners entire fortune or misfortune, entire life or death.

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